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About North Point Chiropractic

At North Point Chiropractic we specialize in human longevity and family chiropractic care.

We utilize low force adjusting and work for true and measurable structural correction of the spine. This is with the goal of balance in the nervous system so the body can function and heal in its optimum state. It is our true joy to take care of entire families. Seeing children from the day they are born, to their oldest grandparents is a blessing. As Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator chiropractors, as well as through our extended education through seminars and advanced pediatric/prenatal adjusting courses, we are equipped with various methods and techniques to cater to the entire family.

Dr. Tori and Dr. Pete met and fell in love in chiropractic school in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Pete, from Leonardo, NJ was not sure where to move from school so as a team they decided to move back to Wisconsin, where Dr. Tori is originally from. They decided to move back to her roots and start North Point Chiropractic in June 2017. They got married October 13, 2018 and as of October 10, 2020 they have a beautiful son John Francisco Gonzalez.

Adjusting specialties & chiropractic techniques we offer:

Activator Methods (Instrument Adjusting, Extremity Adjusting)
Webster Technique (Pregnancy)
Cox Flexion Distraction (Disc Herniations, Scoliosis, Facet Syndromes)

QSM3 (Fascia based tonal technique- global postural correction)
Torque Release Technique (TRT) (Instrument Adjusting)
Diversified (Manual Adjusting)

Pediatric Care (New Borns, Babies, Toddlers, Colic, Bed Wetting, Learning Disability, Birth Trauma)

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