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X-Ray Analysis / Spinal Curve Correction

Full Spinal X-Ray analysis allows our doctors to determine the structural integrity of your spine. The curvatures in the spine are vital to your health. If your spine is not developing properly and/or the curves are not in the correct position (from an accident, poor posture or the birthing process), your body cannot be functioning at 100%. Over time this can create permanent damage and arthritis. We formulate a plan with you, based on these films, for a long term correction so you can function at 100% for 100 Years.

We’ve known as early as the early 1900s through the Windsor Autopsy Study that spinal nerve deterioration can cause organic disease and dysfunction. We now know that the impact can be even more significant as it can affect the brain. Research has shown that 90 percent of the stimulation to the brain comes from movement of the spine. A healthy spine and nervous system is vital to healthy aging on every level. With X-Ray Analysis we can really show that a picture is worth 1000 words.

On your first visit, we will take full spinal X-Rays. This is not limited to the area of pain, but instead of the entire spine. This is because we know the body works as once system in unison, rather than separate machine parts. If one are of the spine is dysfunctional, it is likely other areas are under stress as well. This is often asymptotic but must be corrected before long term damage occurs.

Corrective Plan:

Based on your specific needs, the doctors will prescribe a plan of action that dictates frequency of care and adjusting/home care techniques. This is based on the severity of the problem at hand and the underlying condition of your spine on an individual basis. The most common tool utilized for spinal curve correction in our office is the Denneroll, by CBP. This is a highly researched and developed orthotic device designed to permanently align the spine to its most optimal position.

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