Chiropractic Care: What to Expect

What to Expect

Welcome to North Point Chiropractic! Here is everything you need for your first visit to our office. We are excited to meet you!

At North Point Chiropractic we look to provide a truly sustainable health care solution. We focus on the root cause of dysfunction bringing you from crisis oriented care to what we call Lifestyle Chiropractic Care. In this, we look at the true cause and prevention of disease, with the health of your spine and nervous system at the core. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function in your body. It is protected by your spine, but dysfunction in this system can put a dimmer switch on all of your bodily functions. Our goal is to remove the interference to this system so you can function at 100% for 100 years.

Day 1:

Office tour, in-depth history, physical exam, and X-Rays

During your first visit to North Point Chiropractic you will get a tour of our office and meet with one of our doctors.  This visit typically takes 45 minutes.

Our doctors will do a thorough history on your current condition to better understand your health goals and where to focus an examination. The doctors will use neurological reflexes to find the root cause of dysfunction in your body, looking to correct any problems in the fastest and most long lasting way possible.

We perform full spinal X-Rays on most of our patients. We do this to measure the alignment and structure of your spine to ensure you are developing and aging properly. By doing this, we can cross reference our exam findings with the structural condition of your spine and customize a plan that will produce truly long term and sustainable results. Our goal is for you to age with vitality, and if the structure of your spine is unstable damage can occur over time.

Day 2:

Report of findings, care recommendations, & first adjustment

We believe everyone deserves to be an educated health care consumer.  This is why we take the time to review your exam findings, x-rays, and care plan with you in detail.  This will provide you with the knowledge to decide if our office is the right fit for you and your family. If you decide to more forward with care in our office we will get you adjusted on this visit (see below for more detail on adjusting styles and techniques).

In our office we provide a variety of financial options. These are designed to make chiropractic care accessible for you and your entire family while still providing the highest quality care.  We base the frequency of your adjustments on the intensity of your lifestyle and the underlying condition of your spine. The frequency of care is customized per person based on what the doctors feel will produce the fastest and most long lasting results.

Routine Visit:

Chiropractic adjustments

During a routine chiropractic visit (approximately 10 minute appointments) you will sign in on our iPad check-in system. This allows us to track your progress and ensure you are getting the results you deserve. From there you will be directed to the appropriate adjusting table where the doctor will see you and perform an adjustment based on a short dynamic exam. Our doctors monitor your progress closely to space care out as soon as possible, while still producing sustainable results.

Our doctors are trained in a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques. We will select a technique or combination of techniques to provide the best quality care for you. We know that every body is different and how they respond to care may vary. Extra training in each technique has allowed our office to truly customize what is necessary to keep you functioning at 100% for 100 Years.

Adjusting specialties & chiropractic techniques we offer:

How can we serve you & your family?

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