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Performance & Athlete Based Chiropractic Care

Performance & athlete based chiropractic care is for athletes of all ages and competitive levels who are ready to break through and take their performance to the next level.

In our office, we not only look to the root cause of dysfunction, we also focus on Lifestyle Care. Built into this falls performance and athlete based chiropractic care. This is designed with the focus on feeling and functioning at 100%, not matter how hard you train or compete. Not only are we focusing on faster recovery and injury prevention, we are also ensuring you can perform at your highest level.

As stated in the article, Performance Based Care, “If you look at the Lifestyle Care Continuum, you will notice that, to the right under Lifestyle Care, the dots representing the frequency of visits get closer together. This is Performance Based Care. The goal is to never allow nerve interference to settle into your body for even a day. This type of care fine tunes your nervous system to fire at optimum efficiency at all times, to optimize the fluidity of muscle contractions and joint movements and to improve recovery time during extensive training”.

“After a single adjustment, athletes had stronger muscle contractions measured by EMG technology. By maintaining a healthy nervous system through chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle your muscles will be bigger, faster and stronger.” (JMPT)

This care is not designed exclusively for top athletes. Instead it is customized for your needs. Perhaps you are starting to workout for the first time, or you are on your 100th marathon. performance based care can be to relieve the pain you might be experiencing during your fitness regimen, or it could be designed for the athlete that is pain free and making chiropractic lifestyle care a key component in their training.

The plan your chiropractor will put together for you will be with adjustments to the spine and extremities, at the frequency that best suites the intensity of your lifestyle, always matching your needs and goals.

See more details here about the Performance 100 principles and the 5 key pillars of health and function.

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