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Cost of Care

In our office we provide a variety of financial options. These are designed to make the cost of chiropractic care accessible for you and your entire family while still providing the highest quality care.  We base the frequency of your adjustments on the intensity of your lifestyle and the underlying condition of your spine. The frequency of care is customized per person based on what the doctors feel will produce the fastest and most long lasting results.

Office Fee Schedule and Financial Policy

Service  Fees*
New Patient Exam with X-Rays and Nervous System Scans $197
Periodic Re-Exam $100
Adjustment $60

*Additional family discounts available.

Care Plans and Visit Bundles

At your Chiropractic Report, we will discuss with you the Chiropractic Active Life plan for which you are eligible so that you can reach all your health goals.

Crisis Care Plan (CCP):

Crisis Care Plans are designed for you if you are currently experiencing pain, sickness, disease, deterioration, premature aging or health problems of any kind. The goal of your Crisis Care Plan is to get you feeling better quickly and stabilize your spine.

CCPs begin with frequent visits, usually two to three times per week, over a short period of time lasting 2 weeks to 3 months. Dynamic exams (evaluations) are performed every 12-16 visits to determine how your body is healing and how your spine is stabilizing.

Corrective Adjustment Plan(CAP):

Once your spine is stabilized, your visit frequency will be reduced and extended over a longer period of time, regardless of how you feel, so that your spine and nervous system can regenerate and rehabilitate. This critical transition phase of care can be bundled together with your Crisis Care in a budgeted Corrective Adjustment Plan to help you get all the care you need to reach your health goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle as you age.

Lifestyle Care Plan (LCP):

If you have already completed a Corrective Adjustment Plan with our office or another chiropractor, or if you are extraordinarily healthy and have no degeneration in your spine, then you are ready for a LCP to help you achieve peak performance and optimum health levels.

With any of the above Care Plans we offer package bundles so you can pre-pay for care and receive additional discounts of up to 10-15%.  Each phase of care is typically 12-16 visits with Re-Exams at the end of Crisis Care and Critical Transition.  We may also perform post X-Rays to track progress depending on the condition of your spine.

We do accept Care Credit to space out the financial obligation into monthly payments. Use the payment calculator to see what monthly payment options you might be eligible for.

Financial Policy and Active Life Plans

We are committed to providing you with the best chiropractic care possible in a caring environment and have established our financial policies to achieve that goal. You will be expected to pay for your chiropractic care at the time the service is rendered unless you arrange a Bundled Care Plan in advance. These plans are designed to be the most cost effective way to keep you and your family as healthy as possible. They include your Crisis Care, Critical Transition and Lifestyle Care Options. Details of these plans will be discussed with you during your Chiropractic Report.  Our office is out-of-network with all insurance companies.  On your first visit we can perform a complimentary benefits check to assess your coverage of chiropractic care and if you can be reimbursed.

Out-of-Network Insurance:

If you have insurance that covers out of network chiropractic care, we will give you all of the information you need to get reimbursed quickly. This includes your diagnosis, prognosis and copies of your records or reports. We have found it is easier for your record keeping, and ours, if we give you receipts at the end of your first visit and then once a month after that. Just send your receipts with a copy of your claim form to your insurance company, and they will communicate with you about your reimbursement. Remember your agreement with your insurance company is between you and them. Please note that many insurance policies may not reimburse for Critical Transition or Lifestyle Care.

If your Insurance does not cover out-of-network or if you do not have insurance:

If you do not have health insurance, choose not to use your health insurance or are a member of ChiroHealth USA (CHUSA), you may request a receipt for tax purposes or a Health Savings Account (HSA) indicating the total amount you have paid for chiropractic care during the year. There is no insurance documentation given with these receipts. Care Credit, HSA and FSA’s can be used for care in our office.

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